Money-back guarantee

While using the help of our company you can have every confidence in its level of quality because each customer is very important for us. One of our major rules is to be open to the purchasers, so we want to tell you a little more about our money-back guarantee section in particular. We are sure that if the client is informed about the peculiarities and conditions of the work process, it's something that will surely increase the quality level of our services.

Generally, our clients do not turn to this option - thanks to our top-quality results that adhere to even really strict time frames. Remember, among different services we provide our customers with there is an option of free revision too.

We would like to assure you that your money will be given back if your situation matches the prescribed descriptions. Please be aware that sometimes the nuances of your situation might influence whether you receive a full refund or only partial.

100% refund

  1. Exactly the same order made two times
    If you find out that you accidentally placed two identical orders instead of one, get in touch with our support - it'll help you receive your money back. Do not forget that the faster it is done, the greater the chances that your order has not been given to our specialist yet, which means that you can receive a 100% refund, that’s why the order form doublechecking should be done meticulously.
  2. Cancelling the order before the writer is assigned
    Under such circumstances, you can receive a 100 % refund. You can get all your money back if the writer hasn’t been found by the cancellation moment.
  3. Too many tasks at hand
    It is a very rare situation, but you should understand that it still can take place in cases when most writers are busy or/and your task is very complex.
  4. Ordered once - paid twice
    This can happen only by mistake. Contact our customer support agents the instant you notice that you paid twice for one order. After that, you have to show us the copies of receipts and receive your refund.

Partial refund

The customer can get a part of the money back in the next situations:

  1. Late delivery
    It can happen in case of some unforeseen circumstances. The partial refund could be influenced by a number of aspects. Hence, we discuss each particular question personally with the customer. Unfortunately, your actions can also sometimes be the reason for not receiving a refund. For example, a late upload of required documents may slow down the writer. It is clear that under these circumstances receiving a refund would be impossible. Therefore, we recommend attaching every important file right after completing the order form.
  2. Cancelling the order when it’s been given to our writer
    Taking into account the writer’s work, you will be refunded 70% of the whole amount. But if more than half of time left to the due date passed, you'd get only 50% of your money back.
  3. Customer is unsatisfied after getting their paper
    If you have some complaints concerning the final result after receiving the order, the management will look into your case. A potential refund would be influenced by the outcome of our inspection. Thanks to the skills of our writers, their reliability and good reputation, such cases almost never take place.
  4. Plagiarism
    If you have a report that clearly shows plagiarized content in your paper found by a specialized software or service you can send it to us and get a partial refund or revision depending on circumstances.

No refund

  1. If the mark is lower than you have expected
    Providing you with high-quality papers, we can’t ensure that your professor or teacher will assess it the way it should theoretically be looked at.
  2. Editing, formatting, proofreading
    When you order services mentioned above, we can't modify the content. Therefore, we take no responsibility for any potential issues about the content of your paper.

Money-back process

Once you apply for a refund and your application is validated, you'll get your money back not later than five business days following the verification itself. We want to stress that our service is not accountable for any issues related to the third parties involved (e.g. banks).

Including all transaction fees, the refund option is available as long as its amount is larger than 10 USD. You can also get this sum on your personal account for potential orders.