If you'd like to learn more about the way we protect your personal information, you should read this section.

Browser Cookies

By using the browser cookies collected during your visit, we've got the possibility of conducting marketing analysis with the help of Google Analytics. They enable us to gather information about visitor's browsing activity. These files don't comprise any private data. Google converts all the cookie information we send into website activity reports.

Personal details

Whenever you place an order, we ask you to provide some personal data such as your contact details and billing info. You can be sure that such data will be kept fully confidential. Only order-related processes involve its usage. We can use your e-mail only in case we need to inform you of the order progress or any related matters. Our company by no means distributes this data and never provides any kind of access to it. In very rare cases, we can contact you via phone. It generally involves orders with tight deadlines, when we cannot open attached documents or the instructions are far too unclear.

Visitor info

Going to a website means revealing specific details like the version of your internet browser or your operating system. No other companies have access to this info. It is utilized for our internal functions only and serves for increasing the site’s quality level and making the layout more user-friendly.

Links to External Resources

One more important point to cover is that we are not liable for any content of external resources that are linked here. We update the online privacy policy on a regular basis to ensure it meets the needs of the user. Remember to keep up on the most recent adjustments by regularly checking up on the online privacy policy.