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Writing the research paper: simple mini-guide

The research report is a short description of your research work that should be written following the plan. The main goals of this paper are:

  • present your work at the conference;
  • publish your paper in a journal or newspaper;
  • get some kind of financial aid or grant.

Here are some general tips on writing the report:

  • Try to be as objective as possible;
  • Don't use too many technical terms and phrases;
  • Always write in present tense; use your active voice;
  • Revise your work thoroughly after you finish writing;
  • Feel free to use visual help (presentations, tables, etc.);

Writing the research paper requires a lot of time and attention, plus you need good research skills to be able to find and organize all the required information. At the very beginning, carefully read all the instructions given by your mentor. Remember that your work should have these main parts:

  • Preliminary page
    • Title page;
    • Approval sheet;
    • Acknowle
    • Preface of forward;
    • Table of content;
    • List of tables;
    • List of figures.
  • Introduction
    • Problem statement;
    • Assumptions;
    • Operational definitions;
    • Variables;
    • Abstract;
    • Review of the related literature.
  • Methods
    • Research design;
    • Research approach;
    • Research setting;
    • Population;
    • Data collection tool;
    • Data analysis.
  • Results (graphs, tables, etc.)
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
  • Bibliography of reference
  • Appendix.

And, these are main steps you should follow when making your paper:

  • Find information about your topic;
  • Analyze your topic and state a thesis;
  • Make a clear outline of your future work;
  • Make all your notes organized;
  • Write a draft copy of your paper;
  • Revise and rewrite your paper;
  • Prepare the final bibliography;
  • Make the final paper.

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